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Wednesday , 3 March 2021

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Yes, the Debit Crisis Could Spread To The U.S.! Here's Why

[Unfortunately,] for the U.S....its budget deficit is growing in spite of the fact revenues into the treasury continue to grow...Given the low level of interest rates on the Treasury's debt it would not take much of an interest rate spike in the U.S. to negatively impact the government's budget. [So, in reply to the unspoken question on everyone's mind, "Yes, the debit crisis could most definitely spread to the U.S." Let me explain further.] Words: 633

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Will This Be The USA in 2012?

The economic condition of the country continues to decline toward its rendezvous with an, as yet, unknowable catastrophe. Here is... a look (not a prediction) at a series of not improbable events that could develop [and which] would change our economic world overnight. Words: 1550

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Magnitude of Current Credit Destruction is Deflationary

Periodically in history, the expansion of credit creates the illusion of prosperity which, regretfully, ends in the inevitable bust which seems to be the case today. The sheer magnitude of credit destruction occuring right now is depressionary. The return to growth will be a long and painful process. Words: 625

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