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Monday , 30 November 2020

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Deflationary Pressures In Economy Are Primary Concern of the Fed

Despite the Fed’s recent communications that they are planning to “taper” the current monetary program by the end of this year – the index is suggesting that their interventions, in one form or another, are unlikely to end anytime soon. The threat of “deflation” remains the Fed’s primary concern.

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Environment is Inflationary, NOT Deflationary – Here’s Why (3K Views)

While it is true that the average consumer isn’t (and won’t soon be) spending as much as he used to, it’s not because he’s waiting for bargains. No, it’s because he’s out of credit, he’s unemployed, his house, car, motorcycle, boat, and plasma television have all either been repossessed or foreclosed upon, and his wife just left him. He’s not exactly in the mood for shopping. He’s not waiting for bargains. He’s waiting for a miracle - and I don’t think they sell those at the mall. Words: 1582

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