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Wednesday , 20 January 2021

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10 Index ETFs for Building an Ideal Retirement Oriented Portfolio (+2K Views)

Constructing a portfolio for the retirement years requires one to focus on portfolio risk or uncertainty while not neglecting return. If the portfolio asset allocation plan is too conservative, the return will not meet lifestyle expectations. Inflation is again on the rise and this needs to be taken into consideration when putting together a retirement oriented portfolio. Below is a combination of index ETFs that project respectable returns while holding down portfolio volatility. Words: 455

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Zweig: How Best to Invest in Times Such as These

What is surprising to me these days is how quickly investor mindset has shifted from the sheer uncontrolled fear they felt in October or November of 2008 or March of 2009. People seem to have completely forgotten how terrified they felt a few months ago. They have forgotten that they made impulsive decisions; that they made big decisions when they should have been making small ones; that, instead of making incremental adjustments to portfolios, instead of rebalancing at the margin, they bailed out of asset classes entirely or moved completely into cash. That's very troubling to me and it suggests that we're nowhere near out of the woods. It worries me so much I think we're probably in for another big surprise before we have a full recovery. Words: 1489

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