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Saturday , 16 January 2021

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Monty Pelerin: Economic Collapse Coming to U.S. & Other Industrialized Nations of the World! Here’s Why (+3K Views)

Those dependent on the welfare state are unaware that their benefits are not sustainable. Most believe tomorrow will be like today and the checks will keep coming from Mother Government. Political power was gained based on promising these benefits. No politician will risk his position by trying to reduce them. No democratic society has ever rolled them back via peaceful political means. [At worst,] the economy and society could end up in ashes [and, at best,] the world is in for a long period of stagnation, retrogression and conflict. [Let me explain more fully.] Words: 1115

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Today's Investment Approach Must Change to Survive Tomorrow's Major Economic Changes – Here's How

The world is hurdling toward what seems to be certain economic collapse so, if your expectations are similar to mine, then you should be exploring ways to prepare for something that eventually will become an economic dark age. Investment performance is always relevant and it has never been more important than in these difficult economic times - nor has it ever been more difficult. Markets have already changed and are getting worse...As the economy worsens, market movements [like the two 50% declines we have seen since 2000] are likely to become more pronounced [and, as such,] it behooves anyone with exposure to the stock market to understand what is happening and [take action to] protect themselves against further 50%, and possibly larger, downsides. [This article outlines how best to do just that.] Words: 1491; Charts: 2; Tables: 1

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Take Note: Don’t Say You Weren’t Forewarned! (+3K Views)

It is relatively easy to predict further commodity price inflation as a result of the massive money printing going on worldwide and that hard assets, not paper assets, will help protect purchasing power but it is much more difficult to project where else this money printing leads and to what extent a crash is inevitable. What is the endgame? Will it be another financial crash such as in 2008 or will it be a more destructive financial and economic crash that causes a severe but temporary disruption in the delivery of goods and services? Words: 1470

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Are You Doing What Needs to be Done to Protect Yourself From the Coming Global Financial Crisis?

The primary driver of stock prices over the last three years has been the anticipation of more monetary stimulus from Central Banks...[and if one] were to remove the market moves that occurred around Fed FOMC meetings (the times when the Fed announced new programs or hinted at doing so), the S&P 500 would be at 600 today. [As such,] by announcing a program that will be on going in nature, the Fed has removed the anticipation of future Central Bank intervention from investors' psychologies. This could become highly problematic, especially if these latest announcements turn out to be duds. [Are you doing what needs to be done to protect yourself?] Words: 682

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These 25 Videos Warn of Impending Economic Collapse & Chaos (+2K Views)

The internet is awash (drowning?) in hundreds of doom and gloom videos providing dire warnings of coming world depression, food shortages, rioting in the streets, rampant (hyper) inflation, deepening banking crisis, economic apocalypse, financial Armageddon, the demise of America – well, you get the idea. Below is a small sample of such videos with a hyperlink to each.

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"Monty Pelerin's" Best At Cutting Through the Economic Noise

No one cuts through the economic noise better than the writer who posts articles under the pseudonym "Monty Pelerin" - so much so that the 30 posted on and have, on average, received more reads than any of the 1,700 others on the site. His articles are all timely (and some even timeless) in nature so, in case you missed one or two along the way, below is a link to a page that highlights each of his articles on the site with a descriptive introductory paragraph to each article. I dare you to read just one!

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