Tuesday , 29 September 2020

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IMF: Major Changes Required to Close U.S. Fiscal Imbalance – Here's Why, What and How

The United States is facing an unsupportable fiscal situation due to the combination of high deficits, aging population and growth in government-provided healthcare benefits according to a working paper by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Their forecast implies that U.S. debt will rise rapidly relative to gross domestic product (GDP) in the medium- to long-term unless MAJOR adjustments in taxes and government payments are made to reduce the current fiscal and generational gaps and to avoid any further undesirable escalation of debt. [Let's look at the details.] Words: 790

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Remedies to Fiscal Gap Guarantee Hyperinflation!

Boston University economist, Prof. Kotlikoff, maintains that the U.S. cannot end its fiscal crisis by doubling taxes, as the International Monetary Fund suggests, or further stimulus spending [as Bernanke is doing] because it will simply increase the debt. [Instead he has some radical proposals of his own.] Words: 704

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