Saturday , 24 October 2020

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3 Reasons Gold Might Rally, and Might Not, & What to Do Right Now

The price action in gold and gold miners over the past six months has many investors turning their back on the precious metal. Gold fell below $1,600 last week to reach a six month low, prompting many to step back and wonder aloud if the precious metal's decade long bull market has officially come to an end. With the price of gold now back to where it was in July of 2011, it's time to decipher whether this is a buying opportunity, or time to head for the exits.

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The Good News – and Bad – Regarding Gold, Silver & PM Stocks Going Forward

As we begin 2013, there has been an important shift in regards to precious metals...the decoupling that has taken place between the equity market and the precious metals complex...[which] began nearly 17 months ago (decouplings of three or six months are not significant). Since the Euro crisis in summer 2011, the equity market has rallied nearly 30% and reached a five-year high, but gold stocks are down by more than 30%...[and, as such,] precious metals cannot begin an impulsive sustained bull move if the equity market continues to move higher. The equity market has to struggle with resistance and begin a mild cyclical bear move. While over the near-term precious metals can confirm a higher low, the 2013 success of the sector depends on the struggles of conventional stocks. [This article explains why that is the case and uses several charts to illustrate the point.] Words: 899

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Gold Stocks Go Up Dramatically In Inauguration Years – Will Another +20% Increase Occur This Year?

President Obama will be sworn into office for a second term on January 21 and that's good news if you own gold stocks. Why? Because gold stocks, [as represented by the XAU] have increased, on average, by 20% during inaugural years since 1985 (28% in 2005; 36% in 2003). While there's no real rhyme or reason as to why gold stocks thrive in inauguration years - statistical anomaly or otherwise - it is yet another reason to buy gold stocks right now. Words: 312; Charts: 1

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