Saturday , 26 September 2020

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What's Going On With Gold & Silver?

It would seem logical that the precious metals should be moving a lot higher after the FOMC announced its latest QE program. How is it possible that the market is dumping like this, in conjunction with a concomitant decline in the dollar? [Let me] explain from a technical perspective what is happening. Words: 700; Charts: 3

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Sprott: Shocking Shenanigans in Paper vs. Physical Silver Market (+2K Views)

The recent bear raid on silver - a 30% drop over only four days - has left many concerned about the sustainability of its historic run...with [many] commentators... making the bubble call. Silver bubble 2.0? Hardly. Anyone who has been fortunate to have been invested in silver over the past few years would unfortunately be used to such blatant takedowns. The Chinese don’t call it the "Devil’s Metal" for no good reason. With so much talk these days about the risks of investing in silver, we think that perhaps it may be timely for us to weigh in on the matter. The silver market is riskier than ever - but for reasons the vast majority of pedestrian commentators have failed to grasp. [Let us explain.] Words: 1517

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