Sunday , 12 July 2020

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Which Will Do Better in 2012: Gold Bullion or Gold Stocks?

One of the big debates of 2011 was whether the performance discrepancy between physical gold prices and gold equities was going to diverge back to normal. As you may recall, gold equities grossly underperformed gold bullion throughout 2011. For most of the year, gold prices traded anywhere between 15 to 40 percent higher than their equity counterparts. [How will 2012 end up? Here are my views.] Words: 700

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Events Accelerating Towards an Ultimate Dollar Catastrophe! Here's Why

With the U.S. election just six months off, political pressures will mount to favor fiscal stimulus measures instead of restraint. Such action can only accelerate higher domestic inflation and intensified dollar debasement culminating in a Great Collapse - a hyperinflationary great depression - by 2014. [Let me explain why that is the inevitable outcome.] Words: 2766

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There is a MUCH Better Way to Own Gold Than Via ETFs and ETRs – Here’s How (+3K Views)

Late last year the Royal Canadian Mint intoduced an Exchange Traded Receipt (ETR) in another long line of paper-gold investments that are now trading on securities exchanges worldwide. It, like all of the other programs, comes with a slew of fees and risks. [Why not take personal physical possession of your gold or silver, store it in an allocated and secure non-government vault, be able to have any or all of it shipped to you immediately upon request - and for dramatically less than any ETF or ETR? Let me explain how easily it is to do just that.] Words: 1601

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