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Saturday , 27 February 2021

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Municipal Bankruptcy Crisis in U.S. to Have Dire National Consequences! Here's Why – and How

The plight of municipalities in the U.S., and their struggles under the weight of enormous pension budget deficits, are reaching the critical phase [with] many municipalities [now]contemplating bankruptcy. [That, in turn, is causing]... municipalities [to eliminate jobs (150,000 - 175,000 in 2012) providing significant headwinds to jobs growth nationally [which, in turn, will adversely affect] economic growth...[causing even] more municipalities to declare bankruptcy and [their] states, in turn, run to the Federal government for help. Words: 567

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Busy? Here Are Today’s Five ‘Speak For Themselves’ Headlines

The 5 headlines below have been personally filtered this morning from over 1,200 articles canvassing economic and resource news. Reading these headlines will keep you well informed and save you time in the process. Links are included for access to each article should you wish to explore a topic more fully. Words: 285

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