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Sunday , 7 March 2021

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The Bottom Is In for Gold and Silver – Here Are the Reasons Why (+2K Views)

No one has a crystal ball and I certainly don’t claim to have one. [Nevertheless,] I strongly believe that the prices we see today in gold and silver will be looked back upon in the next few years as a great buying opportunity. The data I read and understand tells me the case for gold and silver is now a strong one...If you are conservative dollar cost average into a position for a long time now [otherwise] I am OK with a full allocation into gold and silver at this point in time...

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Rick Rule: The Fed is Now "Pushing On a String"

Austrian economists have been predicting for years and years that eventually the Fed would be pushing on a string as they put more liquidity into a market that couldn’t absorb it. That may be what’s happening now. It will be very interesting to watch this development going forward.

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