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Saturday , 28 November 2020

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Peter Schiff: QEternity Has Its Limits – Here's Why

The latest round of quantitative easing (an additional $40 billion a month until conditions improve) has been dubbed as "QEternity" or "QE-Infinity" by its critics but it will end much before that. We are witnessing a massive bubble in US government debt, and we've reached the point where no one in charge believes it will ever end - an excellent contra-indicator. [Let me explain.] Words: 720

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Coming Stock Market Collapse to Prompt $1Trillion QE in December

In the next 2-4 weeks I would not be surprised to see the S&P500 hit 1400/1450. In the ensuing 4 months (i.e. by the end of November), however, I expect global equity markets will fall by 20-25% from current levels and to trade at or below the lows of 2011! That would bring the S&P500 down to 1100/1000. That's not all. In December I expect the Fed will introduce a $1 Trillion QE. Words: 921

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Embry: U.S. Fed Managing the Markets In Anticipation of QE3 Launch?

"The US Fed would love to have the dollar firm when they announce QE3 because it is going to get clobbered on that announcement. Similarly, I think they want the gold price as low as possible when that announcement is made because it will be taking off to the upside when QE3 is announced. The stock market will also be taking off to the upside from lower levels when the announcement is made. So, I think they could be grooming (managing) the markets as we speak, positioning them for the optimal point of the launch of QE3."

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Gold and Gold Stocks Going Even Lower! Here’s Why

The Fed’s recent inference that QE3 was not imminent has caused physical gold and silver and the HUI and the XAU to breach their downside support lines. These transitions set up the distinct possibility that we could well see $1,500 gold and the HUI and XAU at 400 and 144, respectively! Let me outline my analyses of the current situation and how it might unfold. Words: 386

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What Does QE Really Do – and NOT Do?

[As you know earlier] this week the Federal Reserve...promised to keep short-term interest rates low through late 2014 ... up from a previous pledge of 2013. Not only that, the Fed also said it would continue with its "Operation Twist" policy of selling shorter-term Treasuries and buying longer-term ones. The goal [is to] hold down long-term interest rates but what does QE really do - and not do? [Let me explain.] Words: 500

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Why More QE is Coming and What That Means for the Future Price of Gold

Most traders and some economists believe the Fed will step in with another round of Quantitative Easing (QE3) in the first half of 2012. This will pump up the stock market, particularly bank stocks, giving the impression that the US economy can’t be that bad, after all, [but in the process] debase the dollar and reduce purchasing power. [This, in turn, will result in higher]...inflation causing prudent investors to buy more gold. [Let me explain further what I see transpiring this quarter and why.] Words: 718

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