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Friday , 26 February 2021

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These Charts Show That Any Fed Tapering WILL Cause Stock Markets to Collapse (+5K Views)

Whenever the Fed has decided to reduce the extent of their purchases of "agency" debt products, the SP500 also declined in a dramatic way. [As such,]... it makes it extremely important to contemplate a “tapering” off in the rate of growth of Fed assets, or even an outright end to quantitative easing (QE). [Indeed, if you own stocks you may well want the Fed QEternity program to be just that - to eternity - in spite of the inflation that will surely follow.]

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Peter Schiff: QEternity Has Its Limits – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

The latest round of quantitative easing (an additional $40 billion a month until conditions improve) has been dubbed as "QEternity" or "QE-Infinity" by its critics but it will end much before that. We are witnessing a massive bubble in US government debt, and we've reached the point where no one in charge believes it will ever end - an excellent contra-indicator. [Let me explain.] Words: 720

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