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Saturday , 16 January 2021

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What Works on Wall Street? James O'Shaughnessy Tells All!

History has shown that investors who stick to disciplined, fundamental-focused strategies give themselves a good chance of beating the market over the long haul and one of the investment gurus who has compiled the most data on that topic is James O’Shaughnessy, whose book What Works on Wall Street became something of a bible for investment strategies when it was released 15 years ago. Now, O’Shaughnessy has released an updated version of his book, with a plethora of new data on various investment strategies. Using data that stretches back to before the Great Depression in some cases, O’Shaughnessy back-tests numerous strategies, and comes to some very intriguing conclusions. [Let me share some of them with you.] Words: 1345

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Why Silver Could Drop Below $30/ozt.

A close look at where silver's price is positioned at this stage of its developing long-term bubble, and by using Bump-and-Run and Dead-Cat Bounce pattern analyses, suggests that silver is on its way to returning to its long-term mean. Words: 624

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