Monday , 26 October 2020

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How Big Is Your Appetite For Risk?

To help give you additional insight into your attitude toward risk, we’ve compiled a list of questions that together look at risk from a broader perspective than what typical questionnaires tend to address.

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Why We Are Likely to See a DROP in Gold Prices

for the coming months, deflation is the bigger concern than inflation as China and the EU both experience slowing growth, and the inflation figures remain tame in both the US and Japan - [and that means we are likely to see a DROP in gold prices.] Words: 481

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4 Catalysts Causing U.S. Dollar to go UP

What is underpinning current dollar strength is a shift in market focus toward some of the headwinds facing the global economic environment. That’s swinging the risk appetite pendulum back toward safety, which is positive for the dollar. Words: 692

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