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Friday , 5 March 2021

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Consider Your Risk Tolerance When Allocating Stocks To Your Portfolio – Here’s Why

There is a common notion that stocks, at least if held for a long-time, outperform other assets [and, as such,] should be the cornerstone of any long-term portfolio. [While that is indeed true,] it is best to focus first on how much you are able and willing to lose (i.e. what risk you are able and willing to bear) when determining the optimal allocation for your portfolio. [Only] then [should you] think about what potential investment returns you might be able to capture. [Let me explain.] Words: 1503

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S&P 500 "Death Cross" Now in Place! What are the Implications?

We have ongoing debt crisis talks in Europe, weak housing data in the U.S., tepid growth in Germany, and higher than expected inflation in the U.K. [and, in addition to] all this "cheerful" news, the recent "death cross" that [has occurred] on the S&P 500 Index. While a “death cross” is concerning and should be respected it does not mean the end of civilization as we know it, however. [Below are the results of a long-term study that clearly defines what the short and mid-term implications are, in fact, for the market.] Words: 700

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What Should a Prudent Gold Investor Do Now?

We are in an environment where gold bugs boldly proclaim that gold is going to the moon, and gold bears strongly protest that gold is in a bubble. At such a heated stage, this article attempts to answer the question, “What is a prudent investor to do now?” Words: 575

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