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Friday , 30 October 2020

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Track Performance Of 15 PM Royalty & Streaming Stocks With This Index

Precious metals royalty and streaming companies represent a very interesting sub-industry of the precious metals mining industry. To track the overall performance of the whole sub-industry, I created a capitalization-weighted index (the Precious Metals Royalty and Streaming Index) consisting of 15 companies.

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Gold & Silver Streaming Companies Generate Greater Returns Than Any Other PM Sector! Here's Why

Everyone knows that gold and silver have been on a tear over the past decade, outpacing gains in almost every other sector. Mining stocks have been hit or miss, offering incredible leverage during certain periods and under-performing the metals during other periods. However, one type of precious metals equity has been significantly outperforming both the metals and mining shares...[and that] is gold and silver streaming companies. Words: 2500

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Why Gold Should Peak in June 2013 & Why 3 Stocks Should Outperform ALL Others!

The 21 month time frame for the next gold peak, the $30 trillion price tag for the debt, and the 64 month bull market fractal for money printing are all coming together squarely at the same date - June 2013. [That being determined, the best place to invest to take full advantage of the parabolic peak is in the stock of gold (and silver) royalty companies, or better yet, in the long term warrants of the two such companies that offer them. Let me explain my case.] Words: 1350

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