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These Hidden GEMs are Worth Your Time to Read

Every week hundreds and hundreds of great economic musings are posted on a hundred, if not more, sites and, in the process, a number of such GEMs get overlooked. Each week I do my own independent prospecting for such undiscovered treasures, select those that are particularly valuable, polish them up, and display them in this summary to provide you with an opportunity to appreciate them in a fast and easy manner. Here are a few that were missed. Enjoy!

Posted By: Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!) and (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds).

The Economy:

1. STOP Being So Negative! Here’s Proof U.S. Is Still Highly Competitive, Innovative and Resilient

US Flag

…[In spite of the fact that] our economy is still struggling to regain its strength [as a result of] stubborn unemployment and sluggish growth at home combined with a slowing China and a dysfunctional eurozone have cast a dark shadow on America’s eternal optimism….I believe there is nowhere else in the world where opportunity abounds and initiative is rewarded as it is in the U.S.A.. [This is confirmed by] the findings of IMD’s annual World Competitiveness Yearbook which surveyed more than 4,200 international executives as to how well countries manage their economic and human resources to increase prosperity. Of the 59 ranked economies in 2012, the U.S. ranked 2nd. Words: 734

2. Pew: American Dream of Going From “Rags-to-Riches” Nolonger Likely


Although the vast majority of today’s adults earn more than their parents did at their age, only 4% of adults from homes at the bottom rung of the economic ladder were able to reach the top, according to a new report released by Pew Charitable Trusts. Words: 429

3. “Joe’s Index” Suggests Joe Sixpack Coming Back to the Consumption Trough


Econintersect has been playing with an economic index based on the world as seen by Joe Sixpack. For lack of a final name, we have used a development tag of “Joe’s Index” which is based on Joe’s real income and the change in his home value, which, to various degrees, Joe sees as income (and/or wealth) gain or loss. Joe’s Index is indicating Joe Sixpack is coming back to the consumption trough. [Let us explain why we have come to that conclusion.] Words: 380

4. America’s Economic Advantage is Immigrants! Here’s Why


The American age demographic profile is substantially better than its major trading partners, driven by the combination of a rising working age population as the children of the post-war Baby Boomers grow up and enter the work force and substantial immigration [legal or otherwise. This profile has major economic dividends as outlined in this article.] Words: 530

The Stock Markets

1. S&P 500 Prospects Not Good Given Economic Situations in Europe & Asia – Here’s Why


…[V]iewed objectively, the world currently stands at the precipice of an even greater crisis than the one in 2008-2009 but you wouldn’t know it by looking at US stock prices. The S&P 500 is down only about 10% from its peak levels in October 2007 compared to the leading indicator stock markets in Spain, Italy and China which…are all down by 60% or more since their peaks. It is folly to think that the S&P 500 index can long withstand simultaneous conflagrations in those countries because, as their economies go, so too will the entire global economy and [that is bound to adversely affect the U.S. as] close to 50% of all S&P 500 earnings are derived from outside the U.S.. Words: 840

2. Black-Scholes “Volatility Smile” Suggests S&P 500 Could End 2012 15% Higher – Here’s Why


According to all sorts of financial media, the end of the fiscal world as we know it is about to occur. All rational individuals surely would come to the same conclusion, right? Wrong! For the past 3 years, the “world has been ending” according to nearly every publication. The market however, simply does not agree with this prognosis. Throughout the past 3 years, despite the negative headlines, the markets have rallied over 50% in wave after wave of briefly interrupted momentum. Given this continuous counter-intuitive bullish onslaught, and according to the volatility smile and the current positioning of money in the options market, I believe it is entirely possible for the S&P 500 to end the year…up 15% from its current price. [Let me explain.] Words: 829

3. 12 Books that EVERY Financial Advisor – and Investor – Should Read


Bill Ackman, founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, believes the following books are essential financial reading. Enjoy the summer! Words: 235

4. How Does Your Financial Advisor Measure Up to These 20 Criteria?


Below is a summary of the criteria I would want to find in an Investment Advisor. It is a demanding “wish list” so if you know of such an individual please let me know. Words: 640

Other Investing:

1. Frank Holmes: Diversification Among Commodities is Vital – Here’s Why


Diversification among natural resources is vital because there’s always an ebb and flow of commodities, both seasonal and cyclical and, as such, it is important to anticipate these global trends to know how to participate. [Let me explain.] Words: 528

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