WATCH OUT BELOW: Next Stop For Dow Jones Index… 19,000 -
Tuesday , 9 March 2021

WATCH OUT BELOW: Next Stop For Dow Jones Index… 19,000

…Today, investors have become way too complacent as the broader markets trade near theirstockcrashimages-1 highs. However, as the markets really start to fall, complacency will eventually turn to panic. According to my analysis, the next critical level for the Dow Jones Index is 19,000.

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I picked the 50-month moving average (MMA), shown in the blue line as the first critical level.

Once the Dow Jones Index falls below 19,000, the next critical level will be 13,000, or the 200 MMA (in red). These levels aren’t “possibilities,” but rather, “guarantees” to occur over the next few years. Why do I say a guarantee? Well, if we look at some of the insane stock price charts [on Netflix, Ripple, Amazon and Facebook as illustrated in my original article], you would have to be a complete imbècil to arrive at a different conclusion…

However, if you can see just how highly overvalued the stocks mentioned above are, then it might be prudent to invest in something that is trading closer to its lows.  The silver price is currently trading at its 200 MA and below its 50 MMA:


Investors need to start thinking about PROTECTING WEALTH rather than BUILDING WEALTHThe next few years are going to be tumultuous, so the best strategy is to keep what you have [rather] than losing a lot in the markets but, of course, 99% of investors will not protect their wealth during the coming downturn…

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