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Could These Marijuana Stocks Continue Feeling A Buzz From the Recent Election Results?

With operations in the U.S. or a high probability of expanding there, the marijuana2Canadian marijuana stocks on list are likely going to continue to feel a buzz from the recent U.S. election.

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1. Marapharm Ventures Inc. (CSE:MDM) – $1.39

Marapharm Ventures Inc, located in Delta, British Columbia, is a manufacturer of medical marijuana. The Company is engaged in investing, acquiring and starting up ventures in the medical and recreational Marijuana space in North America and other countries. It was founded in April 2007.

  • Market Cap: $82.21(mm)
  • Total Return Since November 7th, 2016: 47.9%marapharm-graph





2. Canopy Growth Corp. (TSE:CGC) – $8.29

Canopy Growth Corporation, formerly Tweed Marijuana Inc., is a diversified cannabis company. The Company, through its subsidiaries Tweed Inc. (Tweed), Bedrocan Canada Inc. (Bedrocan) and Tweed Farms Inc. (Tweed Farms), is engaged in the business of producing and selling legal marijuana in the Canadian medical market. It is also focusing on producing and selling marijuana in the recreational market in Canada. Its core brands are Tweed and Bedrocan. Tweed is a licensed producer of medical marijuana. Tweed’s commercial license covers approximately 168,000 square feet of its Smiths Falls facility and allows Tweed to produce and sell approximately 3,540 kilograms of medical marijuana per year.

  • Market Cap: $963.44(mm)
  • Total Return Since November 7th, 2016: 14.3%canopy-graph





3. Mettrum Health Corp. (CVE:MT) – $4.15

Mettrum Health Corp. (Mettrum) is a producer of medical cannabis. The Company is also a licensed producer and distributer of industrial cannabis (hemp) products, including Mettrum’s functional food line, Mettrum Originals. It has a production capacity of over 12,000 kilograms of medical cannabis per year. Its total licensed production capacity is approximately 3,550 kilograms of medical cannabis per year. It produces approximately 20 strains, chosen from a genetic library of over 60 strains.

  • Market Cap: $196.73(mm)
  • Total Return Since November 7th, 2016: 2.7%mettrum-graph





4. Maple Leaf Green World Inc. (CVE:MGW) – $0.78
Forest & Wood Products

Maple Leaf Green World Inc. (Maple Leaf) is focused on eco-agriculture and renewable energy in the environmental industry. The Company is seeking opportunities to obtain an Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation (MMPR) License from Health Canada and medical marijuana business in the State of California, the United States. The Company operates through the eco-agriculture segment.

  • Market Cap: $94.43(mm)
  • Total Return Since November 7th, 2016: -2.5%maple-graph


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