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Tuesday , 26 January 2021

Yesterday’s 10 Most Read Articles and publish curated articles that have been edited and abridged for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read as well as original analysis, commentary and research on various companies. Here is an introduction to the most read articles from yesterday:

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  1. Hyperinflation: Absolutely EVERYTHING You Need To Know! (+3K Views)
    • To wind up with true hyperinflation, some very bad things have to happen. The government has to completely lose control and the populace has to completely lose faith in the system – or both at the same time. Will the U.S. go down that path? Let’s review the situation.
  2. Silver Will Soon Move Suddenly & Shockingly Higher – Here’s Why (+24K Views)
    • I am convinced that silver will soon explode in price in a manner of unprecedented proportions, both in terms of previous silver rallies and relative to all other commodities. By unprecedented, I mean that the price of silver will move suddenly and shockingly higher in a manner never witnessed previously, including the great price run ups in 1980 and 2011. The highest prior price level of $50 will quickly be exceeded.
  3. Which Is the World’s “Safest” Major Currency? You’ll Be Surprised (+111K Views)
    • Many believe that the American Dollar and the British Pound hold the highest monetary value among world currencies. While these are very strong and popular currencies, neither is the strongest in the world.
  4. Going Topless Is Legal In These U.S. States & Canadian Provinces (+117K Views)
    • Going topless for both men and women has come a long way over the last 83 years but still has much further to go as the map of the U.S. below illustrates.
  5. Majority of NFL, MLB & NBA Players Go Bankrupt Within 5 Years! Here’s Why (+97K Views)
    • The average professional athlete in the U.S. will make more in one season than most of us earn in our entire lives yet, despite those staggering salaries, 78% of NFL players, 60% of NBA players and a very large percentage of MLB players file for bankruptcy within five years of retirement. Let’s take a look at 5 possible reasons why the average athlete is destined to go (quickly) from fame to shame.
  6. Check Your Change: New “W” Mint Mark U.S. Quarters Worth 100x Their Face Value (+16K Views)
    • The U.S. Mint is randomly issuing 5 new 25 cent coin designs into circulation this year which could be worth 100x their face value if they are in average mint state condition. Here’s what to look for:
  7. Signs of Economic Collapse In U.S. Becoming A Reality (+6K Views)
    • A look (not a prediction) at a series of not improbable events that could develop [and which] would change our economic world overnight.
  8. Silver Prices: How High Will They Go? $100? $300? $500? (+67K Views)
    • Silver prices have risen exponentially for the past 90 years as the dollar has been consistently devalued. Expect continued silver price rises.
  9. What Would It Take For Hyperinflation To Occur in the U.S.? (+20K Views)
    • There is a difference between inflation and hyperinflation and there is no gradual path from one to the other. To wind up with true hyperinflation, some very bad things have to happen. The government has to completely lose control or the populace has to completely lose faith in the system – or both at the same time. Are we there yet? Let’s take a look.
  10. Gold Forecast Update: Even More Analysts Say $3,000 Is Assured; $10,000 Is Likely; $20,000 Is Possible (+3K Views)
    • Our chart work suggests that gold could possibly spike up to as high as $20,000 per ounce, or even a bit higher.

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