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Going Topless Is Legal In These U.S. States & Canadian Provinces (+90K Views)

Going topless for both men and women has come a long way over the lasttoples-150x150 83 years but still has much further to go as the map of the U.S. below illustrates.

By Lorimer Wilson, editor of

Going topless for both men and women has come a long way over the last 83 years but still has much further to go:

  • It was not until 1936 that it became legal for men to bare their chests in the U.S. and
  • 56 years later it became legal for women to do so as well – in some states.  New York state legalized it in 1992 and so too did the province of Ontario (Canada) in 1996. (Specific details as to when such laws were enacted in other U.S. states and Canadian provinces have not been specifically identified.)

Many municipalities within the states and provinces where such toplessness is legal have ordinances, however, that prevent such a liberal dress code in public places such as parks, beaches, etc. under the guise of “disorderly conduct” or “public lewdness” related to their “nude” display. While most of these ordinances are likely illegal themselves, they continue to be enforced and will continue to be so until they are challenged in a court of law.

International Go Topless Day (August 25th) is deliberately time pegged to Women’s Equality Day (August 26th) which was designated by the U.S. Congress in 1971 to celebrate the passage of the 19th Amendment granting women’s suffrage back in 1920 (and presumably because International Women’s Day, March 8th, would yield colder weather). This past August Go Topless Day was hosted by 49 cities in the U.S. and Canada up from 30 in 2012. Other organizations promoting the right of women to go topless just like men are, in addition to, the Topfree Equal Rights Association ( and

The graphic and edited comments below are compliments of

“U.S. Topless Laws [legal in Canadian provinces of Ontario & British Columbia]

USA Topless Law Map

The green colored states are those where “top freedom” is in effect. The orange colored ones have ambiguous state laws on the matter. The red colored ones are the ones where the mere showing of the female breast in public is illegal according to state law.

Though the majority of states are top free, some cities in those states have passed (unconstitutional) ordinances that annul the state’s top free statute.

How can I find out if my city is topless? Simply google the city name and its municipal code and key in the word “nudity”. Do the same for the county where the city is located to be sure. Consult with an attorney.

Can I be arrested for going topless in a topless city? Even if a top free law is firmly in effect, the police can still arrest you under the pretense of “disorderly conduct”. Don’t be intimidated! You can sue the city back for wrongful arrest (if your only crime was to go topless). That is what Phoenix Feeley did in NYC in 2005 (you can read her story in our news section).”

According to Wikipedia:

“Clothing laws vary considerably around the world. In general, in most countries, there are no laws which prescribe what clothing is required to be worn. However, the community standards of clothing are set indirectly by way of prosecution of those who wear something that is not socially approved. Those people who wear insufficient clothing can be prosecuted in many countries under various offences termed indecent exposure, public indecency or other descriptions. Generally, these offences do not themselves define what is and what is not acceptable clothing to constitute the offence, and leave it to a judge to determine in each case.

Most clothing laws concern which parts of the body must not be exposed to view; there are exceptions. Some countries have strict clothing laws, such as in Islamic countries. Other countries are more tolerant of non-conventional attire and are relaxed about nudity. Many countries have different laws and customs for men and women, what may be allowed or perceived often varies by gender. Cross-dressing is in some areas specifically illegal, especially a man wearing women’s clothing.

Separate laws are usually in place to regulate obscenity, which includes certain depictions of people in various states of undress, and child pornography, which may include similar photographs of children.

In some countries non-sexual toplessness or nudity is not illegal. However, private or public establishments can establish a dress code which requires visitors to wear prescribed clothing.”

Note: This article is intended to be informative, not sensationalist, as the Go Topless Movement is seen by many as nothing less than that of creating further equality between the sexes. You will find information here that is not common knowledge. In doing my research I found, in fact, that not much information on the specifics of the legality of toplessness by country, states, provinces and regions is readily available. If you are aware of additional pertinent data please provide it in the Comments section below.

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  1. This should have happened along time ago and should have never been waited on if people are that scared and ashamed to let others see them then that’s really bad because we all are born the same way We all have the same body parts both Male and Female so what is there to be ashamed of if a guy wants to look at you let Him look He’s just enjoy that you look good just like would Him to so what is the problem with all of this I don’t seam to have a problem with it if you do then keep getting dressed just like you do know

  2. Well, we give thank to almighty God Who have sphare our live to witness the era in which Americans will parade themselves as animals on the street. Kudos to Africans and their humanity.

  3. Abomination to God! This nation will face the wrath of God! Liberals are of the devil.

    • I can say without a doubt that the devil is having a field day with the way things are going in this country. It all goes back to when Hollywood became a part of the scene. They have been slowly working on our morals and values and undermining family values for decades. What we need to do is get rid of Hollywood and return to serving GOD. If you want to find out how to get in touch with GOD read the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

  4. How can anyone say this will not harm our children?when bodies become nude, it stires up people’s desire to have sex, and there are people in this world who cannot control that desire, therefore we have people who rape other people, and even children, child porn does exist does it not. Human trafficking does exist does it not. Well if you get a population of people exsposing a part of the body that enticed men and that leads to sex. Then will not the cause cases of rape to rise, or child porn to rise, and sexual assaults against women and children to rise, or human trafficking? You cant tell me men will not be aroused by this. And more sex in this day and age means more assaults, more pregnancies, teen pregnancies, more abortions, STDs, more rapes, ect . How does this not put our children at risk? It puts them at grave risk. This act will change the entire dynamics of our country on so many levels. I know I may not be explaining this perfectly but hopefully you get the idea of what I’m saying. Only bad and more bad will come of this. America has become a nation I am no longer proud of. Corruption continues without thought of consequences. And those women who are raising there voice to support this matter will in the end be silenced. Cause women will lose there voice when testosterone rises and women are seen as sexual objects only.

  5. the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down topless ban in a Fort Collins, Colorado. The court’s decision makes it legal for women to go topless in states that fall under the 10th Circuit.

    Those states are Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

  6. There will have to be many more jails to house all the sex offenders. There will be so many assaults on women. This will be very problematic in public places. If you want to be an exhibition go to places where it is ok to do so and not in a public domain.

  7. I would just like to voice my opinion on this so at least I know I’m trying.
    I am 27 years old I am a average good looking women.
    But I’m highly against women going around topless.
    I have a 7 year old son an I would like him to be my little boy for as long as I can. I dont need him seeing half naked women just jumping around like it’s ok.

    Also the world already has so many pedophiles look up news every single day for even 1 month an look at how many articles you ate going to come across.

    Why are we encouraging people to do this.

    The society sure has changed an if more young people dont start sticking up for what they know is right an what they have been taught then we are going to end up very bad.

    Never forget the old days an the rules our parents passed on to us.

    • I understand what you’re saying when it comes to your son, but do you have the same opinion about him seeing another guy topless? Would you have the same reaction if it was your daughter seeing a topless guy around?

      We encourage people to do this because its not very fair. That’s it really.
      You said that young people should stick up for what they know is right, I know my opinion isn’t much but I think that fighting for gender equality is right.

      You also said “and what they have been taught,” well not everything that were taught is right. I was taught that if I did something wrong as a child then I would get hit, I don’t know about you but I don’t think that that’s right and I would never hit a child.
      As for never forgetting the old days and what out parents passes on to us, again not everything they passed to us is right.

      I can understand why you don’t think that this is right, but have you never thought to yourself “Hey it’s really hot out today, I wish I could take my shirt off like the guys can?”

      I hope nobody takes this as rude, I know I’m probably doing a really bad job but I’m just trying to help.

      • just remember all that you have said here when you wake up in a roadside ditch, with the rest of your clothes gone! If you are lucky! Thank you for spreading more filth in the world. Even nature has their clothes on!

      • Wow, it’s hot out there today! Think i’ll go down to the local topless bar and have a cold beer. Thanks for the idea!

    • It was once illegal for men to go topless, and I’m assuming you are fine with your children seeing topless men. It makes no sense that we have sexualized the female body to the point that we demand they cover themselves or be punished.

  8. Sexuality is a part of being human. We can both free the nipple and be sexually attracted to it, one process does not cancel the other. Don’t let society’s governing bodies effect the constructs of an open mind. #woke.

  9. Lorimer- Just so you know, I am currently topless.


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  11. Its high time that women be allowed to be totally topless if they wish ! After a short time it would become nothing unusual and accepted like men who go shirtless. Most foreign countries think Americans are silly when it comes to our nudity laws. Nearly all of the female breast can be shown except for the nipple and this obstacle should be torn down and allow women the same freedom as men ! Marilyn

    • The difference is that women dont experience erections when looking at topless men, it’s not a sexual turn on, but it IS for men when looking at exposed breasts on women and young girls. Common sense 101. So stop pushing your over the top feminist BS on the rest of the human race who still manage to hold to a sense of decency and who still care for the little ones.

      • Women do get turned on my topless men. They CANNOT express an erection. That doesn’t mean it effects them any different.

      • Men experience erections whether or not topless women are in view. Deal with it like a man and stop trying to blame women and control how they dress. Your body is your responsibility. You even try to insinuate that exposed breasts are somehow harmful to children! Good grief, how utterly ridiculous. If breasts weren’t child-safe, the human race couldn’t exist.

    • Dyani, now all men gets erections of female breast…that was a bias statement.

    • Sure thing! I mean, after all, it’s not like topless men ever cause women to lust, so why shouldn’t my 14 year old who’s going through puberty and dealing with all that goes along with that, get to see women everywhere hanging out free? Makes perfect sense.

      Maybe better yet we just go back to a better time when everyone was expected to cover up!

  12. I think I’m crying. It’s that admirable.

  13. State-based comparisons, whether of car-crash death rates or radiation sickness or other phenomena, assist greatly in testing such hypotheses as advanced by Mr. Smith. For example, from other sources of data, can we correlate state laws RE “top freedom” and the reach and influence of the “religious reich”? This project goes forward if we can develop some valid measures of the “reach” and the “influence” of the “religious reich”! Should Mr. Smith and I succeed — I’m all for testing this, being an avid fan of OBSERVATIONAL STUDIES, also called EPIDEMIOLOGIC RESEARCH, most appropriate for the phenomenon of interest here (either a sight to behold or a disease rampant among the US population of women — I would test the hypothesis that the “religious reich” in Indiana, Tennessee, and Utah have much greater “reach” and “influence” than do the “religious reich” in other states, both colored orange and green. Though we have barely scratched the surface, having gone only skin deep to date, we may well reveal the Truth of this matter sooner than later.

  14. The laws pertaining to nudity and sexuality are all forced upon us by the religious reich. That’s because any totalitarian organization, social, religious or political knows they must first control your sex life. After you permit them to tell you when, how, and with whom to have sex, controlling the rest is easy.

    Not permitting nudity is nothing more than an extension of that control.

    Most of the problems of the world have been caused by religion. Think of the crusades, the inquisition, the dark ages, the witch burnings, the restrictions on learning, free speech, instilling guilt and shame into children, and the wars fought in the name of religion.

    More recently, think of family planning clinic bombings, oppression of gays and non-believers, murders of doctors and homosexuals, imposition of religious beliefs by force of law, and illegal use of public funds to promote particular religions.

    Mankind will never truly be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the clear light of truth and rational thinking.

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