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Noonan: The “Rothschild System” & the Present and Future Price of Gold (4K Reads!)

Why aren’t gold and silver finding a higher level that, at a minimum, would reflect a simple adjustment for inflation for the past few decades? The answer is really quite simple: the “Rothschild formula” is is alive and well. Let me explain just what the Rothschild formula is and how it is influencing the price of gold.

So says Michael Noonan ( in edited excerpts from his original article* entitled Gold And Silver – For Strong Upside Movement, Experts Continue To Be Wrong.

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Noonan goes on to say in further edited excerpts:

From our perspective, the ruling Western elites continue their financial stranglehold over every Western government…and through their central banks, dictating how governments are to rule the governed, aka those enslaved into the system.  This “Rothschild system” – Control all the money, control the government.  Control the government, control the world – is an apt way of describing how the Rothschild formula has spread its dominating tentacles into every aspect of everyone’s lives.

Mr. Rothschild’s diabolically simple plan has worked right from the outset. He was an incredibly astute businessman. While becoming rich as a moneylender, he learned that it would be far more profitable to lend to governments than to people.  Besides, governments had the power of taxation that guaranteed repayment of all loans.  Further, he learned that there were even far greater profits to be had when countries were engaged in war.

The Rothschild System & Wars

Nothing produced more riches for the Rothschild dynasty than wars.  It was through wars, and the previously unimaginable riches they brought, that Rothschild gained control of the Bank of England, as a starter. Have you ever wondered why there are so many wars, why people cannot just “get along?” The Rothschild system sees to it that dissent is fostered and civil unrest is encouraged, eventually leading to war (and there is no country on earth that has been responsible for more wars and promoting them than the elite-controlled, puppet-run United States).

The Rothschild System & Governments

Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws,” was not some idle boast on Rothschild’s part.  He literally began controlling governments.  Once in control  of governments, lending to controlling influences, through licensing, like the news media, the medical industry, communications, drug industry, education, the military, the web of money was all-controlling.

What makes the Rothschild formula so successful is that it became systematized.  In every sphere of influence Rothschild “agents” were present and an integral part of how things functioned, always in furthering the financial ends of the family empire, and nothing was more controlling than the banking system.  This was how the United States was gutted from within.   First came the installation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, then the IRS in 1916, neither of which pass organic Constitutional muster, but the organic Constitution was replaced by a mirror federal constitution, written to favor the Rothschild interests.

This is the Rothschild For Dummies abbreviated version of a very complex, very devious takeover of the world.  In every instance, when the Rothschild’s loaned governments cash or its equivalent, gold was demanded as payment in return.  If there was not enough gold, silver was also acceptable.  When both ran out, control of the financial arm of the government, the money supply, came next.  Once control of every part of finance was under control, then came control of everything else.

The love of money is the root of all evil, and evil reigns.  All Western governments are criminal enterprises, and none more so than the United States, exporting its perverted form of “democracy,” creating debt at the barrel of a gun that must be repaid…)…

The Rothschild System & the Price of Gold

Based on how the charts continue to develop, there are no indications that gold or silver are about to “take off,” or even keep a sustained trend to the upside.  None of the oft-mentioned so-called fundamentals have impacted the direction of PMs, and none still do.  It is all about what is going on in the West vs. East battle for investment survival.

Everything has been revolving around gold, and the West has played a losing hand.  Its ace in the hole is what we referenced as “the system.”  The West has had its bluff called, over gold, and it has folded, much like the paper exchanges, COMEX and LBMA are. Paper-covers-rock may win in the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, but in real life, using debt paper to cover over the loss of golden rocks does not work.

The Answer to the Opening Question

The Question: If the East has gained control of the gold, and the West is essentially insolvent to its core,  why aren’t gold and silver finding a higher level that, at a minimum, would reflect a simple adjustment for inflation for the past few decades?

The Answer: The war for resource control is what is influencing the price of gold and silver, and for as long as the West can influence events around the world, it will continue to be more than a thorn in the side of the East, and gold and silver will continue to seek a bottom.


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  1. I enjoyed this article but I did not like the ending…

    RE: “The Answer: The war for resource control is what is influencing the price of gold and silver, and for as long as the West can influence events around the world, it will continue to be more than a thorn in the side of the East, and gold and silver will continue to seek a bottom.”

    It is not just the East that the West has to be concerned with, as ever more Countries seek shelter from both Western Control and it’s required use of the US$. Many Countries in South America are now looking to trade their mineral wealth for International items without using the US$ and once they decide to end their “War on Drugs” they will be only too happy to say, “Adios Uncle Sam” and its required use of the US$ as payment.

    We will continue to see traditional 3rd World Countries start to cash in on their mineral wealth and it will be these Countries seeking relief from the US$ that will push for a new form of currency that is back with something other than a verbal promise, especially since many of these Countries have a long history of dealing in and/or using Gold.

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